Please Do Touch!

Barrierefreiheit in Kunst und Kultur:

Making Arts, Culture and Nature more accessible with Tactile Studio 


Le Louvre – #1 Best Practice for Accessibility

Tactile Studio’s accessibility work for the newly opened Le Louvre Clock Pavilion has been listed by European Union Committee “Come-In” as First Best Practice  for Accessibility in Museums. Read the “Report on The Accessibility in Museums Central Europe


Smac -Archeology for all

The Saxon Museum of Archeology of Chemnitz (smac) has asked us to take part of their great project: to become a museum für alle (museum for all).  We are proud to have delivered collaboratively  a fantastic universal museum’s  experience having worked consistently together on innovation, education and pleasure at all levels . Happy new visitors are now able to experience the collections not only with their eyes but also with their senses. >> Read more