If you can touch it, it can also touch you!

Barrierefreiheit in Kunst und Kultur:

Making Arts and Culture more accessible                                                                                               that is what TACTILE STUDIO has striven for since 2009.

Experience from diverse engagement projects shows that tactile and haptic exhibits are vital for blind and visually impaired visitors when visiting museums. Touching artefacts in museums and galleries as a way of understanding them – yet rare – broadens the impact of the exhibitions, engaging physically and emotionally, creating memories and appetite for more. Children, older adults, people with language difficulties or from different cultural backgrounds…

However, this is not always possible with museums collections for a variety of conservation and sometimes ethical reasons – resulting in severely limited access to collections for blind and visually impaired visitors.

At TACTILE STUDIO we operate on a single philosophy: bringing an experience to life, regardless of capability and for the widest possible range of users and expectations, regardless of prior knowledge or understanding.

We create tangible outputs using 3D technology that is of value to all visitors. We think that tactile experiences should be included in every exhibition – it has real potential to revolutionize cultural education.



Our last project:

The tactile model of the Conciergerie – Paris