Please Do Touch!

Barrierefreiheit in Kunst und Kultur:

Making arts and culture more accessible

Le Louvre Abu Dhabi: a universal museum

We are very pleased to show you the first inclusive touch stations in the Louvre Abu Dhabi, which we realised in collaboration with the museum. Read more >>

Social housing heritage made universal

Guise’s Familistère is considered as one of the first social housing construction at all. The design solutions imagined were used more than 50 years later by architects such as Le Corbusier. Tactile Studio partnered with Agence Accès Libres to develop an overall concept for the accessible design of the Guise’s Familistère.>> Read more

Le Louvre – #1 Best Practice for Accessibility

Tactile Studio’s accessibility work for the newly opened Le Louvre Clock Pavilion has been listed by European Union Committee “Come-In” as First Best Practice  for Accessibility in Museums. Read the “Report on The Accessibility in Museums Central Europe

Smac -Archeology for all

(c)Mark Frost

The Saxon Museum of Archeology of Chemnitz (smac) asked us to take part of their great project: to become a museum für alle (museum for all).  We are proud to have delivered  a fantastic universal museum’s  tour having worked consistently together with the smac on innovation, education and pleasure at all levels . Happy new visitors are now able to experience the collections not only with their eyes but also with their senses. >> Read more