Art and Material: The sense of touch – Musée Fabre – Montpellier

Back to The Enlightenment, at the very heart of the modern knowledge, in Voltaire Castle itself. What would you feel, sense whilst touching Voltaire’s face, nose and eyes? You may come out of this tactile experience more candid, ingenuous, eager to cultivate your garden.

The inclusive participative museum brings us the Philosopher the closer as ever!

The Fabre museum wanted to organize an exhibition entirely dedicated to blind and visually impaired, in which the tactile sensory approach was favored. We have been chosen as an agent of a composite group of Corinne Durand, mold maker, the company SNBR and the Office of the Pierre Dure (Florence, Italy).

We have worked, with immense pleasure, the masterpieces of Houdon, one of the greatest French classical sculptors, especially on the Voltaire. Sitting of which one of the copies is at the Opera Garnier. Our works have rubbed shoulders with those Louvre, department of casts.

The project allowed us to set up a production line to duplicate the works in the museum: 3D scanner works then digital machining of masters. The latter then were molded and loaded with marble or bronze.

Devices peripheral to the work made it possible to discover the tools and the methods of the sculptors. Special attention has been given to furniture and tactile signage (braille and large characters).


The exhibition is prolonged until December 17 and will be touring

A project realized with Isabelle Raymondo, scenographer and the Office of the Serif.

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