International Perfume Museum – Grasse

The International Perfume Museum is set in the French-Riviera back country town of Grasse, the cradle of luxury perfumery. It has recently opened up a whole new way of making exhibits accessible. Since summer 2016, Tactile Studio’s tactile and olfactory stations have given visitors the opportunity to visit all pages of the History of fragrances. You can discover with your senses a wide range of items from raw materials, manufacturing or design tools, to industry and wholesale’s applications.


Since the Middle Ages, the fragrance plays a decisive role in sacred, therapeutic, cosmetic and culinary arts. Valuable exhibits such as the silver scented ball, called the Pomander, from the 17th century bear witness to this. A tactile presentation including fragrance dispenser explains the Pomander.

In Grasse, the raw materials are very much used in the new industry of perfumery. By decanting, macerating and filtering natural and raw fragrances of spices, flowers, mineral or vegetable resins, you can also produce oils or perfume water. The touch stations explain these processes and show the raw materials like ginger. With the help of the tactile model of a first distillation device, History becomes gripping.

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