La Seine Musicale – 3-star HUQ building

Tactile is very proud to be part of this huge project and help thousands coming users to find their way through entertainment and passion for music.

La Seine Musicale is an eco-socially project, whose intention is to « Allow access to music to everyone », whatever social background, abilities, education.

(c) Shigeru Ban and jean de Gastines Architectes

It has been designed by Shigeru Ban and Jean de Gastines Architectes and certified for High Environmental Quality (HEQ), Biodiversity certified and rated 3star-HUQ. For the universal designers we are, such certification is kind of a Graal.



The real Graal would be HQE+HUQ+HQS. Let’s focus on HUQ first, which is already dense for this article.

Still there ? Ok. What is High Usability Quality (HUQ)? The concept of usability quality arose along universal design when users and professionals realised that addressing disabilities in construction -especially for existing buildings- could negatively impact other users. They decided that focusing on usability rather than strict regulations on measurements would bring better outcomes.

So what would describe usability ? Researches and empiric approaches led to shape 5 usability pillars :

1. Motricity       2. Spatial perception

3. Psyche (memorization and orientation)

4. Thoughtfulness    5. Adaptability

(c) Shigeru Ban Architects Europe and Jean de Gastines Architectes -Morph-Persp. from Meudon river banks

Those, if well-treated, support the concept of convenance : the quality of what meets society’s needs or the quality of what is already in the uses.

Therefore HUQ embraces the “design for all” approach. It involves users from the outset and repeatedly along the development, feeding professionals from the design, project management to execution.

Since then numerous projects have been handled and the approach has spread and is promised to spread more. So “HUQ – design for all” ready? Reach out, we’ll sort it out!


Facts and Figures

The adaptation of space to the needs of people with disabilities represents an additional cost of 1 to 5% of the budget of a building . While HUQ integrated upstream in the design process is a real prevention approach that reduces the cost of investment and operation. This reduction is then estimated to 10%. Facilitating access, retrieval, communication and use for everyone.

(source CRIDEV – The CRIDEV is the french organization for HUQ. It delivers short and long term trainings, specific studies and hold conferences)


Our design of the tactile orientation plan

TOM Seine Musicale – focus on the tactile part


Derived from our awarded tactile orientation map (TOM) for the Parisian city councils, it is aimed at engaging with everyone. Again the concept of “design for all” (aka universal design). Daily in use and technically improved, the TOM adresses both physical and mental challenges with easy to grasp indications, the sollicitation of almost all senses. We also introduced capacitive buttons to set light, size, volume, all specifically spot to be in first hand reach for blind people.

TOM Seine Musicale – in our workshop

Not less than three means are used to help in wayfinding: audio (w/ loudspeaker, jack, magnetic loop), written and braille text, visually animated route. When possible we even add sign language. We developed the first TOM 6 years ago! We were pioneers then and thanks to our vivid R&D we still believe we are. Not only the TOM received numerous awards but it was fully supported by the French National Blind Association and the French Association for Paralysed People.

One of the 11 TOM in Parisian City Councils – focus on the tactile luminous screen

We are very proud now a couple of years later to be part, thanks to the TOM, of this project of excellence.


Thank you

Eo-guidage : our partner for global way-finding




La Seine Musicale:

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