Le Pantheon, home of the French great personalities


Le pantheon: an ambitious monument for France’s great personalities. From Rousseau, Voltaire, Braille, to Pierre and Marie Curie or Malraux, le Pantheon is famous for hosting the French great contributors who shaped France’s national identity. A grandiose building imagined by Soufflot whose intention was to outdo the churches of St. Peter’s in Rome and St. Paul’s in London.

We are very proud to be part of its restoration and for our on-going collaboration with Le Pantheon for several years. For this restoration, the MAW agency driven by Philippe Maffre conducted the project’s phase 2. We designed and produced the tactile devices. One in the ave, the other in the crypt. The new tactile stations are now fully in use.

Along with the Pantheon team, we involved blind and visually impaired persons to test during the process. Their precious feedback helped us improve the final product and deliver a better user experience now in use for everyone.

The first station is a 3D architecture model of the model 1/200 scale . The second station is more informative. It gives a feeling of the contrast between the depth of the crypt and the vastness of the emerged part. A metaphor of the physical remains of the great personalities in the crypt and their huge and immaterial contributions hovering under the immense dome.

This work is our tird collaboration with the Pantheon, discover below the previous ones for which we designed very different mediation means:

A tactile station to honor Louis Braille

It was 10 years ago that we released our first accessible project for le Pantheon, down in the crypt, very impressive! We created a tactile station honoring Louis Braille with an innovative and, surprising to many, luminous tactile station along with an audio of his induction by André Malraux himself. First step of design for all, we engaged not only blind and visually impaired with tactile but also ..everyone!


2015 “A life in resistance”

Graphic Design of the exhibition

More recently, the Pantheon asked our team to conceive the four portraits of French resistants honored through the exhibition “A life in resistance” in form of raised line drawings in black and white and in the form of bas-reliefs of several centimeter height difference. A powerful and moving exhibition now resumed.

Relief portraits of the four French Resistants honored


Thank you

We can’t wait for the next collaboration, we won’t have to wait too long though!

Thank you Le Pantheon : Ms Claude Godard and Ms Lina Nakawaza

Thank you Maw Agency : M. Philippe Maffre

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