Taststation Museum des Menschen

Musée de l’Homme – Paris – 2016

Engaging the senses of All – this was the roadmap for the renovation of The Mankind Museum. It meant engaging the senses not only for the blind but for all visitors. The museum chose to offer 21 stations along which one may discover the history of a family, representative model of a human lifespan. A series of busts, from grandson to grandfather, explain the genetic heritage we inherit and with which comes physical likeness as well as signs of ageing. The tactile discovery of the busts is helped by an audio comment; texts in Braille and in big letters add further information.

Four tactile stations explain the development of the human skull.

Others display (original) findings of the first tools used by men (sickle, arrows, lance), joined by an explanation of how to use this tool properly. At the end of the exhibition a series of thematic maps bring close the subject of globalisation and human migration in centuries.


musée de l’Homme.fr

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