Musée Bonnard – French Riviera -2017

“Long live the painting!”

Tactile Studio designed and realised three tactile versions of the famous paintings of post-impressionist and nabi Pierre Bonnard. The stations are equipped with audio and permanently installed right next to the originals. They allow a deeper understanding of the artist and his work.


« Long live the painting! » – That’s how Pierre Bonnard is supposed to have welcomed his fellow artist and friend Henri Matisse on his visit to the French Riviera. Bonnard lived here, secluded, alone with his wife Marthe, far from the Parisian avant-garde.

In bright, at the same time melancholic, colors he painted interiors, still lifes, landscapes and again and again female nudes. Altogether he painted more than 300 works. With his airy, relaxed brushwork and the use of delicate, shimmering pastel colors, Bonnard is considered the last great legacy of impressionism.

The Bonnard Museum is located in the artist’s villa, called Le Bosquet, the grove. Among the masterpieces of the collection are the bathroom motifs. Bonnard is a mosaicist who paints the vibrant reflections of polished glass tiles or windows. A small breeze blows in the curtains. But it’s mostly water that shivers. Marthe, once sluggish on crumpled sheets, floats there, bluish and motionless like a corpse. She had the mania of cleanliness. In Le Bosquet, cut off from the outside world, she slowly went crazy …



The landscape also plays a fundamental role for Bonnard. The dialogue with nature has become for him a dialogue with painting. “I do not invent anything, I look”. Every day, during his walks on the hills behind his house, Bonnard takes care of this observation. Always with a notebook he comments: “beautiful”, “rainy”, “good weather but fresh, there is cinnabar in the orange shade and purple in the Grey ”

His art is the intimate expression of the sensation, the miracle of the beauties that surround him. Color, but also with the depth and complexity of his sensitivity.

The three tactile interpretation of paintings:

– The nurses’ walk (screen)

– Profile nude (table)

– The dining room at Le Cannet (table)

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