Fine Arts Museum – Nantes

After six years, the completely renewed the Fine Arts Museum of Nantes opens its doors: the collection, with works from the 13th century to the present, is now fully accessible to people with disabilities.

Tactile Studio has created impressive reproductions of the museum’s artworks, which are readable for visually impaired people. The museum entrusted us to work on masterpieces from Ingres, Rubens to Chagall, Delaunay or Kandinsky. A priviledge and an honor.


The various symptoms of visual impairment were included in the design: changes in the central and / or peripheral vision, spots on the lens, dark spots on the lens, blurred vision, or light hypersensitivity. The reproduction with the strong contrasts has the goal to enable the visually impaired to enjoy the painting without glare. The display on a tablet allows the visitor to adjust the light intensity himself.

The most important elements of the picture are highlighted. For the designers, it was important to use stylization to make the work’s global meaning readable, adapting the colors and strokes in such a way that they become legible. This means also to prevent ourselves from any interpretation of the paintings and to respond to places that the artist deliberately left unclear or in the shadows.

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