Our Know-How

Please Do Touch!

We help museums, galleries and public bodies to create new accessible-for-all solutions to navigate, to discover and to share. Experience from many engagement projects            in museums shows that touching exhibits and the use of haptic technologies – which           create the sensation of touch through vibrations and forces – are vital not just for blind  and visually-impaired visitors, but for everyone. So we design sensory devices that are adapted to suit all abilities.

Touching artefacts gives a very different a way of understanding them – it changes our relationship to them. By enabling people to experience the exhibits through the sense of touch, we increase the impact an exhibition can make.

Touch opens up new and accessible pathways to works of art, scientific phenomena        and architecture. It helps families and non-experts to learn about complex                               or unfamiliar subjects. Touching exhibits engages us physically through the senses,         but also on  an emotional level, resulting in shared memories and an appetite for more.

We think that tactile experience should be included in every exhibition – it has                  real potential to revolutionise cultural education.

If you can touch it, it can touch you!


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