Our team

Designers, ergonomist, 3D model makers, graphic designers, highly skilled crafters of the ‘beau’, project managers, our passionate team is here to assist you with your project to make Arts discovery even more engaging. 
Pioneers in France, the nations’ top museums have entrusted their collections to our expertise in inclusive art mediation.

Since Summer 2016 Tactile Studio has opened branches in England, Germany and Austria.


Philippe Moreau
CEO and founder
A pioneer of the Design for All, Philippe founded Tactile Studio with the perspective to initiate numerous museum projects where educative tools integrate harmoniously into the exhibition designs. As an insatiable explorer Philippe has decided to take Tactile Studio abroad to the wilderness.
Marc-Amaury Legrand
Art Director
In his master studies of graphic design and multimedia design, Marc specialized very early in the accessible design, and in innovative inclusive books. Before he joined Tactile Studio, Marc was a freelance artistic director for luxury brands as Hermès or Hennessy. His talent sparkles.
Matthias Jancel
Senior Designer
A graduate of the École supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Orléans and an experienced mobilier designer. Matthias joined the team of Tactile Studio in order to optimize the conception and the making of tactile objects. He has become grand master of the production chain. Despite his furniture past he would never sit on any detail
Agnes Chevallier
Director of Business Dev. UK
Agnes is your contact for information and advice for the UK and northern Europe. She has an extensive experience in planning and conducting national and international innovative design projects for the past 15 years. She will help you in defining your inclusive arts mediation project and finding the best means to achieve it.
Andréa Boisadan
Ergonomist, R&D
Real Tactile Studio R&D Center, Andrea is an ergonomist and studies the field of universal intuitiveness. Besides supervising our user tests (with blind and partially sighted people, children, elderly), deepening our theoritical knowledge and raising awareness on design for all around Europe, she writes a thesis on « universal design for intuitive accessible signage for all ».
Vladd Junger
3D-Model Maker
Originally a sculptor and a modeller, Vladd joined the team and soon became an expert in the 3D modelling and fabrication of tactile objects as well as relief images with UV printing.
Florent Dairin
Chief Production Officer
Holding a diploma at the Fonderie de l’Image (Île-de-France), Florent is responsible for all production processes. He is also a specialist in Open-Source Resolutions, i.e. codification and/or electronics assembly. He recently rocks the scents inventing a small cost-efficient diffuser applicable for multisensorial stations in museums.
Marine Brusseaux
Assistant Manager
Marine is the secret to our survival! She operates on all daily activity, a first class fighter of the red tape hassling. She supervises on everyone needs with great discretion and above all she manages the manager, being part of his brain, when needed!
Julien Garnier
Grafic designer
An emerging young artist with a degree in plastic art from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts and then mastered his formation with a post-graduate degree at the Geneva University of Art and Design. Julien his interpretative talent redraws the shape of Arts complexity making it beautifuly simple.
In our Parisian workshop, our mutli-skilled Design for all team 


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