smac – archeology for all

A museum for all: this was the guiding principle of the Saxon Museum of Archeology of Chemnitz (smac) andwe are very proud to have helped the shaping of the “smac für alle”/

Hence we have designed a great variety of tactile and multi-sensory stations, pushing innovation in their design -, the tactile orientation maps at each level and the whole pyramidal braille writings. A new audioguide supporting different languages (« Easy Language » and Audiodesciption for blind and visually impaired) and tours in sign language allows to reach the full potential of the museum for all’s benefits.

A comprehensive accessible tour

On three floors totalling 3000 square metres, the smac charts the development of Saxony from the time of the first hunter-gatherers around 300,000 years ago up to the early industrial period. The exhibition shows a great variety of archeological objects. This allows a comprehensive accessible tour of the exhibition. Each visitor can get a tactile experience and touch replicas next to their original displayed in the adjacent case. Relief tactile stations all along the route can also be freely handled. They tell archeological findings, surroundings stories, landscapes changes and gradual urbanisation until the early industrialisation era.

Sensory innovation for all

Innovation is at the heart of our pratice and through our collaboration we are very happy to explore with our clients the creative ground offered by the senses.  We took the opportunity of this great project to develop two totally new stations:

  • A first one invites to close your eyes and be transported in a Saxony middle-age city. Thanks to the recomposition a wood-fired fragance, experience what is was to be surrounded by fire as all the buildings were essentially made of woods and fire caught instantly. Along which you can rediscover the smell of cinnamon, a mainstream spice used at that time. Finally we leave it to you the discovery of the very pleasant smell of the latrines
  • The second one challenges you to weigh a chain mail : can you do it ?


This project was produced in association with:
Ellen Schweizer, funder of Anderes Sehen and designer of accessible tools and
schweizergestaltung. Specifically the rewriting of the braille stations.



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