Urban Gardening in Parc de la Villette – Paris – 2013-2017

The Parc de la Villette brought in several urban gardening projects along the exposition «Le jardin planétaire». It was the starting point to raise awareness among citizens to ecological goals and sustainability. Tactile Studio designed tactile boards to fit into this paradise of nature. They were also formulated as an invitation to look around and observe the natural environment.


You can find inspiring boards on so called “temporary” garden, naturally evolving with the seasons. Following the gardens, on the slider, one of the two ensemble plans. They are divided in two: one part visual, the other tactile. The visual part of the plan is inspired by a realistic photo and the tactile part is ergonomically situatedin the lower part to allow people to easily touch . Both plans show a) the general aspects and b) focuses on special areas within the garden allowing different angles to everyone.


The first version, set up in 2013:

Made in wood and plexiglass colored relief, the first version of the site plan also provided an audio commentary on a device that needed to be manually cranked with a dynamo to have power.

The materials in use met the ecological sustainable principles of the place. The feet of the table, which served as a subset for the plan, was wrapped in wire so that a plant could grow up on it . After four years of intensive use, however, it was offered a renewal.

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